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Our high level parasitology books bring together expert international authors under the skilled editorship of leading scientists to produce state-of-the-art compendiums of current research. Aimed at the research scientist, graduate student, medical reseacher and other professionals, these books are highly recommended for all parasitology laboratories. Every parasitology, microbiology and bioscience library should have a copy of each of the following books.
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Antibiotics: Current Innovations and Future Trends
Edited by: Sergio Sánchez and Arnold L. Demain
Published: 2015
Book: ISBN 978-1-908230-54-6 £180, $360. Ebook: ISBN 978-1-908230-55-3 £180, $360
In this timely book respected international experts summarize the most important research to provide a timely overview of the field. Opening chapters define 'antibiotic', explain why we need new compounds, outline the applications of antibiotics, both old and new, and describe the producing microbes. These are followed by chapters that cover antibiotic resistance, toxicity, overuse, new antimicrobial sources, new targets, novel technologies for antibiotic discovery (e.g. silent gene clusters), lantibiotics, natural antivirals, new macrolide derivatives, and antibiotics in the pipeline. This books is essential reading for everyone working in antimicrobial research in academia, biotechnology companies, and the pharmaceutical industry and a recommended volume for all microbiology libraries. read more ...
Leishmania: Current Biology and Control
Edited by: Subrata Adak and Rupak Datta
Published: 2015
Book: ISBN 978-1-908230-52-2 £159, $319. Ebook: ISBN 978-1-908230-53-9 £159, $319
In this timely book respected Leismania experts distil the important current research highlighting the most insightful discoveries in the field. Topics covered include: modulation of host miRNA; heat shock proteins; Iron in the Leishmania-macrophage interaction; oxidative and nitrosative stress response; cell death; strategies for immune evasion; STAT signalling; parasite modulation of toll-like receptors in macrophages; T cells in Leishmania infection; vaccine biology; inhibitors of Leishmania DNA topoisomerases; and mechanism of drug resistance in visceral Leishmaniasis. An essential text for everyone in the Leishmania community and recommended for researchers working in related fields. read more ...
Acanthamoeba: Biology and Pathogenesis (2nd edition)
Author: Naveed Ahmed Khan
Published: 2015
Book: ISBN 978-1-908230-50-8 £159, $319. Ebook: ISBN 978-1-908230-51-5 £159, $319
This new edition is an essential reference text for parasitologists, microbiologists, immunologists, and physicians in the field of basic and medical microbiology, as well as an invaluable reference for new and experienced researchers who wish to understand this organism better. This book is the definitive guide to current research on this increasingly important organism. read more ...
Malaria Parasites: Comparative Genomics, Evolution and Molecular Biology
Edited by: Jane M. Carlton, Susan L. Perkins and Kirk W. Deitsch
Published: 2013
Book: ISBN 978-1-908230-07-2 £159, $319. Ebook: ISBN 978-1-908230-76-8 £159, $319
Since the publication of the first two Plasmodium genome sequences in 2002, numerous other parasite genomes have been sequenced. These include the genomes of several more Plasmodium species as well as those of other apicomplexans, including species of Toxoplasma, Cryptosporidium, Babesia, and Eimeria. This wealth of genome sequence data has provided researchers with a powerful new tool, comparative genomics, which has revolutionised research in this area. In this book, expert authors from around the world comprehensively review the current advances in Plasmodium comparative genomics, highlighting the fascinating new insights into parasite evolution and molecular biology that have ensued. Topics include: Plasmodium taxonomy and phylogeny; the apicomplexan genomic landscape; the 'art' of sequencing Plasmodium genomes; diversity of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax genomes; Plasmodium functional genomics; Plasmodium experimental genetic crosses; P. falciparum epigenetic modification and transcriptional regulation; Plasmodium invasion of host red blood cells; protein export and trafficking by malaria parasites; Plasmodium-mosquito vector interactions; and a practical guide to many of the revolutionary new techniques and molecular tools for Plasmodium research. The book is essential reading for every researcher working with malaria parasites and related organisms, from the PhD student to the experienced scientist, and is a recommended text for all parasitologists. read more ...
Stress Response in Microbiology
Edited by: Jose M. Requena
Published: 2012
Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-04-1 £180, $360
In this book, expert authors from around the world summarise the current knowledge on microbial stress response and comprehensively review the recent findings that have greatly advanced the understanding of stress response systems. Each chapter is devoted to a particular organism or group of organisms including Gram-negative bacteria, Streptococcus,Neisseria, Listeria monocytogenes, Bacillus cereus, Salmonella, Yersinia, Vibrio, Mycobacterium, mycoplasmas, yeast, Plasmodium falciparum, Toxoplasma gondii, Leishmania, Trypanosoma cruzi, Trypanosoma brucei and Entamoeba histolytica. In addition to providing an up-to-date review of current trends the authors also describe the challenges for future research and provide comprehensive reference sections. The volume represents a major collection of information and knowledge across a wide range of microorganisms and is essential reading for anyone with an interest in stress response. A highly recommended book for anyone interested in stress response, regulatory networks, environmental microbiology or the pathogenicity of microorganisms. read more ...
Essentials of Veterinary Parasitology
Edited by: Hany M. Elsheikha and Naveed Ahmed Khan
Published: 2011
Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-80-6 £99, $169. Paperback: ISBN 978-1-904455-79-0 £59, $99
Essentials of Veterinary Parasitology provides an up-to-date resource for students and practicing veterinarians on how to recognize, diagnose and treat parasitic diseases in livestock and companion animals. Featuring full-colour illustrations and a user friendly layout, it begins with a section dedicated to the fundamentals of veterinary parasitology and ends with a section on the prevention of parasitic infections entailing recent developments in our understanding of the pathogenesis and control of parasitic diseases. In-between are sections on important parasitic infections in livestock organized by the parasite agents - helminths, protozoa and arthropods - plus a section on diagnostic parasitology. This book is an essential reference for veterinary students, practicing veterinarians and researchers in the field of parasitology. read more ...
Anaerobic Parasitic Protozoa: Genomics and Molecular Biology
Edited by: C. Graham Clark, Patricia J. Johnson and Rodney D. Adam
Published: 2010
Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-61-5 £159, $319
In this book internationally acclaimed researchers critically review the most important aspects of research on anaerobic parasitic protozoa, providing the first coherent picture of their genomics and molecular biology since the publication of the genomes. Chapters are written from a molecular and genomic perspective and contain speculative models upon which future research efforts can be based. Topics include: the genomes of Entamoeba histolytica, Trichomonas vaginalis, Giardia and other diplomonads; the cytoskeletons of Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia lamblia and Trichomonas vaginalis; genomic analyses and manipulation of gene expression in Entamoeba histolytica; nuclear and chromosomal structure and replication in Giardia; and the mitochondrion-like organelles of a fourth anaerobe, Blastocystis. Essential reading for all researchers working with these protozoa and related organisms and with eukaryotic model organisms. Recommended text for all parasitology laboratories. read more ...
Acanthamoeba: Biology and Pathogenesis
Author: Naveed Khan
Published: 2009
Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-43-1 £159, $319
This compilation will serve as an essential reference for parasitologists, microbiologists, immunologists, and physicians in the field of basic and medical microbiology, as well as an invaluable reference for new and experienced researchers who wish to understand this organism better. This book is the definitive guide to current research on this increasingly important organism. read more ...
Leishmania: After The Genome
Edited by: Peter J. Myler and Nicolas Fasel
Published: 2008
Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-28-8 £159, $319
Leishmania is a vector-borne pathogenic parasite found in 88 countries worldwide and is the causative agent of leishmaniasis. The different Leishmania species infect macrophages and dendritic cells of the host immune system, causing symptoms that range from disfiguring cutaneous and mucocutaneous lesions, widespread destruction of mucous membranes, or visceral disease affecting the haemopoetic organs. The recent publication of the complete genome sequences of three different Leishmania species provides new insights into this leading pathogen and presents scientists with an exciting resource to improve the understanding of its complex molecular and cellular biology. In this book, internationally recognised Leishmania experts critically review the most important aspects of current Leishmania research, providing the first coherent picture of the organism's molecular and cellular biology since the publication of the genome sequence. Chapters are written from a molecular and genomic perspective and discuss in depth Leishmania-specific aspects of trypanosomatid biology and pathology. Topics include: diagnosis and epidemiology, genome structure and content, regulation of gene expression, the Leishmania proteome, the Leishmania metabolome, Leishmania differentiation, interaction with the sand fly vector, drug discovery, drug resistance, and much more. Essential reading for all researchers working with Leishmania, trypanosomes and protozoa. A recommended book for all biology and medical libraries. read more ...